The Most Popular Graphic Design Trends for 2020

The Most Popular Graphic Design Trends for 2020

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Graphic design trends 2020 are just released and more impressive than ever! In the following year, we’ll be seeing a quite interesting play with colors, typography, shapes, materials, effects, and more.

When it comes to graphic design 2020, designers will bet on creativity and diversity. Some trends may look familiar from last years but others are a complete surprise. Let’s check them out!

1. 3D depth and realism

Thanks to the rapid development of technology in the latest years, graphic designers are now able to show us amazing work with 3D design. The ultimate depth which is achieved and the vivid colors which breathe life into it help create super realistic and immersive design compositions. The trend will definitely keep blooming in 2020.

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2.  Going monochrome

Everything shows that monochromatic images will be a part of graphic design trends 2020. Monochromous photos and images have started to flood the web already! The trend emerged from designers’ striving to create interesting design looks while keeping the composition simple. The goal is successfully achieved by using one prominent main color.

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3. Shiny metals

Metallic effect, especially gold and silver, is a sign of lux and high class. Lately, we’ve been seeing a rise in the use of the metallic effect in graphic design, and we believe the trend will keep being popular in 2020. Whether gold, silver, bronze, or iridescence, shining metals will be often combined with engraving, as well.

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